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Tinkerscuss - When The Levee Breaks
Normally a folk duo. Tinkerscuss often turn their hand to rockier music. After completing an album of folk rock (Across The Purple Sky) They looked at doing ...

Tinkerscuss - The Immigrant song
Another Led Zeppelin song that was fun to do! "The Immigrant song" as you may know is about Vikings! This version has our twist to it...

Tinkerscuss - The Sea
Taken from the 2012 album "Across The Purple Sky - A Tribute To Sandy Denny"

Tinkerscuss - Banks of green willow
One of our favourite songs. This was at Dursley in south Gloucestershire September 2010.

Tinkerscuss - Battle of Evermore
Our version of the zep song featuring Lee Pryor of 'Whole Lotta Led' on vocals with Bryony Holden and all instruments played by Erin Holden.

Tinkerscuss - Gallows Pole
Our version of the classic folk song based on Zep's version and a little Doobies at the end...

Tinkerscuss - Bron Yr Aur/Stomp - Glos Guildhall
Opening for Whole Lotta Led at the Gloucester Guildhall 22/12/13 ... Whole lotta fun :-)

Tinkerscuss - Stonedancing
Self penned song about turning seasons and the magic of the standing stones..

Tinkerscuss - That's The Way
One of Erin's favourite Led Zeppelin songs and a sheer joy to play.

Tinkerscuss - Follow The Heron
Another Karine Polwart song, this time about the end of winter and the start of spring. Recorded at Dursley, September 2010.

Tinkerscuss - Standing Stones - Kidderminster
Opening for 'Whole Lotta Led' at kidderminster town hall Saturday November 16th 2013.

Tinkerscuss and Jake Walton - Trees
Filmed at the 'Festival at the Edge' Shropshire 2011. This is a beautiful song written by Jake about the relationship of the trees in a forest. Video courtesy of Mike ...

Tinkerscuss - Scarborough Fair
From the album "Stonedancing". This is the full version of the song which makes more sense of the story...

Tinkerscuss - Standing Stones - Glos Guildhall
Great song written by Jake Walton. This is our version performed at the Gloucester Guildhall 22/12/13 while opening for the rock band 'Whole Lotta Led'

Tinkerscuss - That's The Way - Kidderminster
Opening for 'Whole Lotta Led' at kidderminster town hall Saturday November 16th 2013.

Tinkerscuss - Sail On (By Free)
Normally we are a folksy due but time to time we rebel and record versions of classic rock songs in our own way. Nothing too serious but we enjoy doing it.

Tinkerscuss - Cold Blows The wind
Recorded in September 2010 at Dursley, Gloucestershire. This is a traditional song and this version was inspired by Pamela Wyn Shannon. It was quite dark in ...

Tinkerscuss Featuring Jake Walton - Patrik's Song-Dance
Filmed at the 'Festival at the Edge', Shropshire July 2011 featuring Jake Walton on vocal and hurdy gurdy. Video courtesy of Mike O' Connor.

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