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The Owl ServiceБиография The Owl Service был задуман изначально как студийный сольный проект Стивена Коллинза, но в процессе работы над первым релизом (Wake the Vaulted Echo EP) в 2006 он почувствовал, что нуждается в помощи по части вокала. Это привело к сотрудничеству с Rebsie Fairholm (пела на дебютном EP
Теги: folk, neofolk, psychedelic folk, psych-folk, apocalyptic folk,

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The Owl Service Episode 1 transmitted: Sunday, 21 December 1969
Holidaying in rural Wales, Alison, mother Margaret, new stepfather Clive and his son, Roger are staying at a manor house formerly owned by Alison's uncle ...

The Owl Service Episode 6 Transmitted: 25 January 1970
Episode six Gwyn is furious at the treatment he has been shown by Alison and is further upset by his mother. In an attempt to bond, Alison and Roger talk ...

The Owl Service Episode 2 Transmitted: 28 December 1969
Episode two The half-crazed gardener, Huw, tells Gwyn of an ancient legend and hints that the three teenagers may be in danger of re-enacting the story.

The Owl Service Episode 3 Transmitted: 4 January 1970
Episode three Alison has hidden the plates away in a hut in the forest and becomes obsessed with the need to trace the pattern. Gwyn joins her in the hut and ...

Pram - The Owl Service (Official Video)
Pram - "The Owl Service" from 'The Museum of Imaginary Animals', released 2000 on Domino Record Co. Subscribe to Domino on YouTube: ...

The Owl Service Episode 8 Transmitted: 8 February 1970
Episode eight On opening the door, Roger finds a table full of paper owls - the same as Alison had been making, but these were put there by Nancy. At the ...

The Owl Service Episode 4 Transmtted: 11 January 1970
Episode four Roger is disturbed by some photographs he has taken in the valley which seem to depict a ghost. Nancy tells Gwyn that she had an affair with ...

The Owl Service - The Bear Ghost
Off the compilation album The Petrified Well.

The Owl Service - Robin Hood & The Bold Peddlar
Band: The Owl Service Album: Garland Sessions (UK 2012) Song: Robin Hood & The Bold Peddlar Videoclips from Allan Dwan - Robin Hood (1922)

The Owl Service Episode 5 Transmitted: 18 January 1970
Episode five Alison and Gwyn become closer as they walk up the mountain, while Roger is at home feeling increasingly depressed and expresses his desire to ...

Owl service " the connection"

The Owl Service - BBC Radio.
A superb BBC Radio dramatisation of the classic Alan Garner novel the owl service.

The Owl Service Episode 7 Transmitted: 1 February 1970
Episode seven Gwyn has spent the night on a mountain when Huw catches up with him. Huw explains that the legend was re-enacted by him, Bertram and ...

Cruel Mother - The Owl Service

Owl Service - The Two Magicians
Wake The Vaulted Echo (2006)

The Owl Service (Titles Only)
Opening credits from the haunting TV adaptation of Alan Garner's The Owl Service. Looks and feels like a video from Ghost Box Recordings.

Radio Drama The Owl Service Adaptation of the novel by Alan Garner

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